The hosts

Our restaurant with pizzeria is an esteemed establishment. Here, even the renowned Tyrolean Andreas Hofer and his followers dined, savoring the occasional glass of wine. It's worth noting that we are referring to a period over 200 years ago. As custodians of this historic house, we are dedicated to seamlessly blending time-honored traditions with a refined and modern spirit, embodying true nobility. This fusion creates the atmosphere of our establishment, and our entire service is inspired by it.

Helmut & Adriana with Nelly

Our distinct offerings

7 rustic parlors

Each of our parlors is unique and thanks to it’s atmosphere, it will enchant you and bring your culinary experience into a high level: adorned with or without wood paneling, a tiled stove, or a bay window – here, dining becomes a very historical experience!

Spacious and sunny garden

In our sun-kissed garden, relish the warmth of the sun and the crisp freshness of the air from spring to autumn. Shaded seating under charming chestnut trees offers a retreat. Now, it's time to indulge in the pleasure of savoring your meal amidst nature.

Historical ambiance

The unique walls, silent witnesses of a bygone era, revive the old Tyrolean flair and the era of freedom fighters, almost conjuring a special charm.

Seasonal delights

To prepare our traditional and international dishes, we use fresh, local, and seasonal produce, supporting local producers and contributing to environmental conservation simultaneously.