Wirt an der Mahr

– a unique South Tyrolean Inn – traditional and steeped in history

1100 – 1200

High Middle Ages

The name Mahr, derived from the Rhaetian linguistic root "lama, la’mara," meaning "landslide, floodplain," transforms from Middle High German "Mette" in the Tyrolean dialect to "Muehre," and then becomes „Mahr“.

1173: The noble Lady Gisela from Latzfons donates some serfs to the Neustift Monastery in the "Merre."

1200 – 1300

Late Middle Ages

1212: A chapel dedicated to “St. James at the Mahr” is mentioned.

1225:A knight's tournament takes place in "ein velt din merre" between the minstrel Ulrich von Lichtenstein and Udalschalk von Potzen. The Middle High German expression refers to the location where the inn stands today. The Bozner loses a finger in the process.

1300 – 1400

… a river and a wineyard

1349:Outburst of the "Bärenbach"-river.

A vineyard owned by “Niderchoflacher at the Maerre“ is mentioned.

1400 – 1500

… a new house


1500 – 1600


1585: the innkeeper at the Khrein (Quirinus) at the Marr is mentioned.

1600 – 1700

Baroque times

1625: Adam Hell is the farmer at the Khreinerwirt at the Märe.

Ulrich Rändl is the innkeeper at the Märe.

Bishop Paulinus builds the dam against the Eisack, creating the Fürstenaue.

1700 – 1800

Age of Rokoko, Neoclassicism and Enlightenment

1770:Quireinhof with inn, forge, and quarry.

Claudia Peer owns the Mahrerwirt property.

1800 – 1900

Industrial Revolution

1803: Johann and Maria Öler are the innkeepers at the Mahr.

November 8th, Peter Mayr purchases the inn. He is a collier's son from Siffian in Ritten.

Gathering of dissatisfied Tyroleans at the Mahrer Schmiedlhäusl (what means forge) on November 25th.

April 11th, Peter Mayr participates in the battles against the French around Sterzing. On May 25th and 29th, he leads the farmers at Bergisel for a fight. On August 4th and 5th, Peter Mayr becomes the deputy commander of Andreas Hofer. He leads the Eisack Valley residents at Oberau and Mittewald. On August 13th, Peter Mayr, along with Father Haspinger, takes command of the center of the Tyroleans in the 3rd Battle of Bergisel. On November 7th, Peter Mayr leads his people at the Mühlbacher Klause against the French General Rusca. On December 6th, reluctantly and recognizing the futility of the fight, advances against Generals Severoli and Mareau. End of the uprising.

The outlawed Mahrerwirt finds refuge from the pursuers at "Loaterer" in Feldthurns. It's January. In early February, Peter Mayr is betrayed to the French by Johann Pichler, a wall mason in the village of Feldthurns, a village that is located not far from the inn on the terrace of the Eisack Valley, for 50 guilders. On February 15th, Peter Mayr is urged in prison in Bozen to claim ignorance of the peace treaty and prohibition of carrying weapons signed on October 14, 1809, in Schönbrunn (Vienna). The host refuses with the words "I will not buy my life through a lie!" On February 17th, he bids farewell in prison to his wife Maria née Fuchs, advanced in pregnancy, and his four young children. On February 20th, Peter Mayr is shot in the location of Gries near Bozen.

The widow marries a man called Anton Kerschbaumer and continues to run the “Mahrer Inn" with him.

During the construction of the Brenner Railway, a brewery is established at the inn.

A massive outbreak of the Bärenbach river is recorded. The ground-level guest rooms have to be abandoned due to sanding and are relocated to the 1st floor. They remain there to this day.

1900 – Today

… and the modern times

1905:The widow of German Emperor Friedrich visits the inn.

Inauguration of the Peter Mayr Monument at the Mahr on September 25th.

Josef Prosch from St. Andrä acquires the property and restores it.

Josef and Maria Keifl from Klausen purchase and operate the inn.

Toni Moser takes over the "Wirt an der Mahr" inn from his aunt Maria Keifl.

Heinrich Weissensteiner from Brixen purchases the inn and restores it. Its venerable ambiance is preserved in every parlor, in the walls as well as in the atmosphere.

since 2010: Helmut and Adriana successfully manage the restaurant. Daughter Nelly has also been helping in the business for several years.